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Our Functional fitness classes make up the bulk of the training at The Stronghold. The 60-minute sessions start with a group warm up, mobility work before moving onto a strength or skill element, finishing off with a workout.


Our Olympic weightlifting club will develop your technique, skill and strength within the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. The whole session is spent lifting weights, no need to worry about any burpees or running!

Weekend Bootcamp

These sessions are all about working hard and having fun. They will consist of mostly partner and team workouts focusing on keeping the intensity up, the heart pumping and the lungs burning.


Sunday… The end of the week and a chance to recover. Our 30-45 minute mobility sessions will help to loosen off any tight areas and ensure that your body is ready for another week of training.

Youth Strength and Fitness

Focusing on fundamental movement skills and strength, these 1-hour classes are aimed at 11-16 year olds looking to assist their sporting activities and get started at the gym.

The classes will be led by our coach Kylie, who is the S&C coach for Cheltenham Town FC youth team and has a Masters in S&C.

Private Personal training

1-2-1 training sessions with a highly qualified coach, focusing on all aspects of training and nutrition. You will have access to support outside of the gym, helping to keep you on track and progressing towards your goals.

Sports team S&C

We offer private strength and conditioning classes for sports clubs and teams.

Play for a team that could use some pre-season fitness? Get in touch to see how we can help.


Masters class

Lower Impact class, focusing on lifelong activity, movement and strength for those over 65.

This class will look to enhance and prolong quality of life and enable members to transfer over the strength and range of motion gained in the gym, to life at home.

Stronghold Gym Cheltenham

Why Choose Us?

We are an independent, functional fitness gym, based in the centre of Cheltenham, offering functional fitness classes and personal training.
With expert coaching and a fun, relaxed environment, we can help you get fitter, stronger and ensure you enjoy the process.

We offer a large variety of classes, focusing on different elements of functional strength and fitness to get a well rounded approach to training.

Thinking of joining? Book a free trial below, email us, or pop in for a chat and a tour of the facilities.

The Stronghold
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Craig Neilson
Craig Neilson
15:34 09 Feb 24
After 9 months of boring training for what turned out to be a disappointing half marathon, my partner and I were determined to do something different with fitness! After much scouring, we found The Stronghold and we’ve never looked back. Tom, Dave and the Team are all incredible coaches, who truly understand how to get the best out of people.I’ve never been made to feel like I’m not working hard enough, that I’m not capable or that I’m wasting my time. In fact, the complete opposite - they’ve pushed me in the right way to help me along what is a fitness journey for me.Within 3 months, my mobility, endurance and strength has improved significantly.Yesterday I went for my first 10k in 4 months- completely smashed it, a 3 min PB! Feeling stronger and more capable 💪I used to mock people who always talked about the gym, but now I can’t stop telling people about The Stronghold!
11:29 21 Jan 24
Never in my life have I trained at a gym where I felt I truly belonged. From being coached to perfection to lift ungodly amounts of weight, to drawing on the motivation from the depths of my soul to throw down with my fellow fitness pioneers and take an assault bike to pound town. What a place. Train here.
Luke Brown
Luke Brown
11:24 21 Jan 24
Stronghold is an outstanding gym, made better by the atmosphere of the members. Never fail to have a great session and a laugh with the coaches too. The programming is unique and well rounded. This gym goes above and beyond
Anastasia Quinton-Smith
Anastasia Quinton-Smith
16:48 20 Jul 23
The Stronghold is the best gym I have ever attended. Great variety of classes, incredibly knowledgeable trainers, a super inviting and non judgemental environment and completely inclusive. Such an epic team. Tom and Dave have create something so special.
Josh Collingwood
Josh Collingwood
19:12 12 Apr 23
Don’t delay, join today! Dave,Tom and Kylie have been really welcoming to me and their coaching is top notch. The gym is super clean and tidy and is a great space to work out in. All the equipment is new and well maintained. There are a good variety of classes on offer to suit schedules and training goals. It’s the small details that count and I was impressed with the toiletry boxes with all the essentials you might need in the men’s loos. Keep up the great work guys 🙂
Nick Blackwell
Nick Blackwell
13:21 01 Dec 21
On the face of it, it’s a simple formula for a great gym: professional + knowledgeable + effective + nurturing + fun. However, it only looks simple because the Stronghold manages it so successfully! Great gym.
Adam James
Adam James
20:21 11 Sep 21
For these guys it doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, beginner, intermediate or a pro - everyone’s welcome with The Stronghold catering for all needs and welcoming people from all walks of life creating a real sense of camaraderie.The gym, equipment and atmosphere is second to none.If you want to get fit, change your life and meet like minded people I’d highly recommend speaking with Dave or Tom at The Stronghold.
Ali P
Ali P
18:49 10 Sep 21
I joined the Stronghold having never trained at a functional fitness facility before. It’s an extremely welcoming environment with very professional and attentive coaching in a small group setup for classes. A great mix of challenging yourself with fun and varied workouts while lifting in a safe way with proper technique.Tom , Dave and the coaches are always happy to give additional advice and guidance alongside the diligent programming and would recommend to anyone in the area to come down and try it out.
Kathleen McLoughlin
Kathleen McLoughlin
09:26 09 Sep 21
The Stronghold Gym is a fun, focussed and professional place to train, whether you are a beginner or experienced you will find a place here.Tom and Dave are always warm and welcoming and always good with advice and support when needed.The gym is really well kitted out and I love the trainers focus on form and technique. I always come away from my sessions feeling positive and motivated which is a testament to the team and the culture they are building at the Stronghold.If you want to train to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and want to feel supported by great people who know what they are talking about, then I would highly recommend The Stronghold.
Dan Pinco
Dan Pinco
19:00 07 Sep 21
Both PT sessions and group sessions are great.Dave and Tom are both very professional and take the time in classes to make sure everyone is getting an element of personalised tuition whilst still keeping an eye on the rest of the class.
Matthew Haynes
Matthew Haynes
08:08 05 Sep 21
Fantastic training of staff for school and PE. Both instructors were helpful and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anyone to use but especially educational staff. The facilities were ideal and we will be developing the links already made.
Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts
19:20 01 Sep 21
The Stronghold is the best gym in Cheltenham . The coaches have incredible knowledge and experience, and are able to easily explain technique/workouts in a way which makesyou feel like you will know what you are doing when it comes to then performing the movement/exercise.Everyone at the gym is friendly, and the coaches really do care about you achieving your goals and also enjoying yourself. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Stronghold to anyone.
John Shelley
John Shelley
18:05 01 Sep 21
Great gym for all abilities and fitness levels. Friendly and inclusive, professional coaching, very cute gym dogs and occasional cake! What else do you need ????
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