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Off Peak Open Gym Membership

Off-Peak Open Gym

Have your own programming or prefer to train on your own? Our open gym membership allows you to use our first-class equipment and facilities between the hours of 9:00am and 5.00pm.

This membership will also give you discount on our speciality classes such as Barbell Club.

Farmers Carry

Peak Open Gym

Peak Open Gym gives you all of the benefits of the above membership with the addition of being able to train during all opening hours. 6am-8pm during the week and from 8am-1pm Weekends.

2 A Week Membership


In addition to having access to off-peak open gym and discount on our speciality classes, the ‘2-a-week’ class membership allows you to attend up to 2 of our classes each week. 

This is a perfect starting point for those with busy lifestyle or who participate in other regular activities.

3 A Week Membership


This class membership has all the same extras as the 2-a-week but with an additional class available to book onto.

3 classes a week will ensure you get a wide variety of sessions and movements in, whilst still allowing plenty of time for recovery. Perfect for those starting their Functional Fitness journey.

Rogue Echo Bike


This class membership gives you access to 5 of our classes each week as well as the off-peak open gym and discounted speciality classes.

This is ideal for those who are committed to our programme and are determined to see huge improvements in their strength and fitness. 

Barbell Club


The all-inclusive Functional Fitness package! As well as Peak Open Gym usage during all opening hours, you can attend as many of our classes as you wish.

Perfect for those who want to push themselves or want to train everyday. With our range of classes you can mix and match allowing to even do 2 different classes in one day.

Barbell Club Bolt On Membership

Bolt on: Barbell Club

Barbell Club is one of our speciality classes led by our Level 2 British Weightlifting coach. These classes are usually £12.50 for non-members or £7 for members, however this bolt on membership allows you to attend as many of these sessions as you like within a month for a single price.

Class Programming Access Bolt On Membership

Bolt on: Class Programming access

This bolt-on membership is for Open Gym members who would like access to our class programming. This is perfect if you need ideas or want structure to your training. 

It also allows you to track your weights, times and progress via the Boxmate app. 

Peak Open Gym Bolt On Membership

Bolt on: Peak Open Gym

This bolt-on membership allows those on our 2, 3 and 5-a-week class memberships to use open gym during peak hours.