Stronghold Gym & Classes Information

Our Functional fitness classes make up the bulk of the training at The Stronghold.  The 60-minute sessions start with a group warm-up and mobility work before moving on to a strength or skill element. You will be coached through anything from weightlifting or gymnastics to rowing or core work. We will then finish off with a workout with a focus on aerobic conditioning and fitness.

The Stronghold Fitness Gym Cheltenham

Open Gym

We offer both Peak and Off-Peak open gym membership which allows you to use our brand new facilities and top quality equipment for your training sessions.

Peak open gym sessions start at 6 am and end at 8pm on weekdays with Off-Peak starting at 9am and ending at 5pm. There are also bookable slots on weekends from 7am and ending at 1pm for both memberships.

The Stronghold Fundamentals Fitness Class Cheltenham

Stronghold Fundamentals

This 60 minute class is based around fundamental movements and mastering the basics of Functional fitness. A strength movement will dominate the bulk of the class, with a circuit finisher to work on aerobic fitness.

Ideal for those who are new to Functional Fitness or returning from injury or time away from training.

The Stronghold Conditioning Fitness Class Cheltenham

Conditioning Class

A full hour dedicated to all things fitness and conditioning.

Programmed for in efficiency in all energy systems. Anaerobic sprinting, lactate threshold, long aerobic pieces all feature, with additional focus on egometer technique and pacing.

Functional fitness gym in Cheltenham Barbell Workout

Barbell Club

Our Olympic weightlifting club will develop your technique, skill and strength within the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. The whole session is spent lifting weights, no need to worry about any burpees or running!

The Stronghold Bootcamp Fitness Class Cheltenham

Weekend Bootcamp

These sessions are all about working hard and having fun. They will consist of mostly partner and team workouts focusing on keeping the intensity up, the heart pumping and the lungs burning.

These will tend to have fewer ‘high skilled’ elements, making it easier to go at a higher pace. Expect anything from tyre flipping to sled dragging!

The Stronghold Gymnastics Fitness Class Cheltenham

Stronghold Gymnastics

This class focuses on progressing from the basic fundamental gymnastics in our Functional Fitness classes. We will look at movements such as muscle ups, handstands and skills for those looking to compete.

The Stronghold Masters Over 60 Fitness Class Cheltenham

Masters Class

Our Masters class is a lower impact focusing on lifelong activity, movement and strength. While it is for all ages, it is predominantly aimed at those over 60. During these classes we look to enhance quality of life by increasing strength and range of motion which then transfers to life at home.

The Stronghold Mobility Fitness Class Cheltenham

Mobility Class

Sunday… The end of the week and a chance to recover. Our 30-45 minute mobility sessions will help to loosen off any tight areas and ensure that your body is ready for another week of training.